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Handmade Wool Nappies for Little Bums

Why Choose Us?

Welcome to Widdle Woollies!

Here you will find a selection of uniquely handmade wool nappy covers crafted from 100% recycled wool made in New Zealand. 

"What are wool nappy covers?".........

They are a natural fibre alternative to a reusable (Polyurethane Laminate) PUL cover. You use them by first wrapping your your baby in any combination of absorbent layers, be it a flat nappy, fitted nappy or a prefold. Pop on your wool cover and your good to go. Your baby now has a comfortable, water resistant, breathable nappy system to keep them warm in winter and surprisingly very cool in summer. 

Wool has been used for many generations before us and is slowly making it's way back to modern cloth diapering. It's a great option for an all natural approach to cloth nappies, perfect for parents with heavy wetting babies or skin sensitivities and a simple system for any minimalist.

I have carefully handpicked the softest wool and lovingly made each wool cover to ensure the comfort of every little person who wears them. 


Wow, the quality of these covers are amazing and I love that they have been up cycled with retro material. Tara has gone above and beyond educating people on their cloth nappy journey, pre lanolising, sending extra lanolin and offering advice when needed. The transition to using something so natural for my 17 month old heavy wetter has been made a breeze by Widdle Woollies. Thank you

Ashburton, NZ

Hi Tara, I just wanted to say I love the wool covers I've purchased from you. I use them for night nappy covers and it's a total game changer. My son seems so much more comfortable and we have had no leaks.

Dunedin, NZ

Your instructions for lanolising were super easy and i still can't believe every morning no leaks, no leg lines and I just air it out and use again that night....again, wool is magic! Thanks so much for doing what you do, you have an amazing product and I'm so greatful to have found it

Manawatu, NZ

About Us

Tara Pearce

Upcycling Creator


I'm Tara, the creator of Widdle Woollies and proud to say I live in the Manawatu with my husband and 4 beautiful kids. I am so passionate about cloth diapering and even more passionate about wool. After two failed attempts of reusable nappies I finally got it right with my baby boy. I tried every cloth nappy out there and then I found wool. 

After trialing them out and reaping the benefits, they were a perfect fit for my son and I. Perfect for his sensitive eczema skin, made from natural fibres, easy to use as they were just like clothing and you only needed a few to keep you going as there was less washing.

Now, as a full time wool diapering mum, my reason for creating Widdle Woollies was to bring wool back to modern day cloth nappies, to inspire parents out there to give it a go, to educate on how amazingly easy wool can be for you and your baby, and lastly to create beautiful garments at affordable prices. 

For many generations before us, cotton and wool was all we ever had available to us when changing our babies nappies and I now see why. 

I hope you and your little one can love your wool covers as much as we do.